Clean your litter box twice a day to stop bad odors and also provide a clean space for your cat to feel at ease during elimination.
 Discover ways to prevent inappropriate cat marking behavior and how to upkeep your litter box to make sure your cat is always comfortable
Make sure you cat has plenty of room in their litter box. A good rule of thumb is the bigger the box the better.
The Litter Box: Home
Place your cats litter box in a safe and quiet place where he or she will have plenty of privacy and feel comfortable.
Feline urination is one of the most common ways a cat will mark their territory and the most common behavior complaint among cat owners.
Inappropriate urination is the most common behavioral problem reported by cat owners.
Cats use elimination to establish their territory.
Feline marking behavior is most commonly seen with urine, scratching and facial marking.
Find solutions to inappropriate feline urination.
Learn how to prevent inappropriate cat spraying behavior.
cat scratching problems
learn about feliway
Litter box problems are a common cat behavior issue. It’s important to provide your cat with a proper scratching post to increase security and provide outlets for tension.
Litterbox problems may arise after declawing your cat. Use Soft Paws to help avoid cat urine problems in the house.
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One of the most important things you can do for your cat is provide a litter box she feels comfortable with and likes to use. You can prevent most litter box problems by understanding your cat’s basic nature and needs.
It is far easier and more comfortable to prevent inappropriate urination in
cats than to deal with it once it occurs.

Many of us tend to assume that cats use a litter box instinctively. Actually, their instinct is to eliminate in soft soil or sand. The box is a convenience for us humans, and it’s really rather amazing that cats are so accommodating about it.
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A cat’s habit of using a litter box is a weak one at best. Realizing this will be a great help to both you and your cat.

Elimination is a basic necessity, but in catdom this function takes on additional meaning.

Cats use elimination to establish their territories, and their urge to hide their excrement by covering it stems from a need to avoid predators and control parasites.

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Number of Boxes: 1 for each cat in the house plus an extra box
Location: safe, quiet location
Size: big enough so Kitty is comfortable
Litter: whatever type Kitty likes best
Cleanliness: Keep It Clean!!! no one likes a dirty outhouse

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